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Pleasurestore – The Best Online Store to Buy Sex Toys in Lucknow & All Over India


Pleasurestore, the online adult toys store in India, came with a noble initiative to sell sex toys in Lucknow and all over India. The intention here was to make sexual wellness dominate over everything. We kicked off with this objective to sell various types of adult products to everyone throughout India. Initially, we were hesitant whether we would be able to make people happy in their sex life. Fortunately, it clicked and we were busy delivering such toys in Lucknow as well as to almost every corner of India.

After we made ways to nooks and corners of Lucknow, we also got great responses from Delhi, Noida, Pune, and other cities. With so many products and a fine variety of accessories and herbal products, we served men and women of almost all age groups, and now, our adult sex toys store in Lucknow looks forward to expanding our customer base.


How to Buy Sex Toys in Lucknow from Pleasurestore?

No matter where you are in India, our online sex toys store in Lucknow will make your shopping ways so easy and hassle-free. Here are two such ways through which you will be able to purchase our mature products in Lucknow online:


1.       Order from the Store

Nothing can be easier than placing an order from Pleasurestore. Since our store has a crystal clear display of products, one will find it convenient to choose the preferred category and place an order accordingly. A few steps would be required to complete the process of ordering.


2.       Request a Customer Care Representative through call

Our sex toys store in Lucknow has the most knowledgeable and cooperative sales executives who are always there to help and assist with any query. Just give us a call, state the product you want to order, provide some details for processing and we will take up the order to deliver to your address on time.


What Type of Adult Products are Available at Pleasurestore?

Our online sex toys store in Lucknow welcomes all singles and couples to shop with a happy heart to buy adult products in Lucknow. Have a glance at the type of adult products we have brought for one and all:


Female Sex Toys in Lucknow and other parts of India

Pleasurestore is happy to bring all types of female sex toys in Lucknow for women who want to take their sex life to heights of satisfaction. Let’s have a quick look at the categorization that would help us know what girls can get from us:


Sex Toys for Girls

Female libido will now be doubling with time as our online sex toy store in Lucknow brings an outstanding range for all age groups. Our adult toys in Lucknow for females here include bullet vibrators, rabbit vibrators, realistic non-vibrators, glass dildos, erotic massagers, sex machines, electro sex toys, and more.


Accessories for Girls

If you are willing to browse this subcategory, you will come across diverse products that would help women accessorize their sexual intentions. One will be able to browse here for products like nipple vibrators, breast silicone bra and pad, silicone breast prosthesis, vibrating underwear, steel rings, and more.


Needs for Girls

If girls are still not contented while searching for toys and accessories, we have here needy stuff for them. Among these needy sex toys for girls, there would be enlargement machines, artificial hymen, breast enlargement cream, etc.


Male Sex Toys in Lucknow and all over India

Men are sure to have an awesome time with our male sex toys in Lucknow. Our adult toys store in Lucknow brings the most high-quality products for men:


Sex Toys for Boys

Just like women, men too love playing with toys. So, here in this section, we have included products like silicone love dolls, male strokers, big artificial vagina, spider sower masturbators, and more. Each of these adult products in Lucknow is safe to play and makes sessions more enjoyable.


Needs for Boys

Here is not the end for men since we have got here more needy products for them. The products we have got will boost their productivity and performance as well. These products include boys sex kits, penis sleeve extenders, enlargement machines, and more.


Couple Sex Toys in Lucknow and other cities in India

Partners will now be left spoilt for choice with our couple sex toys in Lucknow. Our online sex toy shop unlocks a grand collection of sex toys and accessories for couples.

The ‘For Couple’ category includes products like strap-ons, anal dildos, and more. Our products are excellent in quality and ensure satisfaction at their best.


Try our Party Sex Toys

Wild partying is so thrilling, especially when you bring along party sex toys in bed. Check out our party toys collection which will bring you BDSM sex toys like bondage chairs, leather whip, handcuff, chastity lock, and more.

Don’t miss our fun stuff and kinky items for both singles and couples. Also, the pheromone sprays and scented candles would be great additions to one’s bedroom hours.


Go for Our Lube and Herbal Products

Another interesting category is that of lube and herbal. Here one will find natural adult products of top quality. Find here all sorts of products like delay sprays, Thai massage oil, herbal sexy products, and more.

Lubricants and arousal gels are also among the top herbal products at our online sex toys store in Lucknow. These products are skin-friendly and do not harm your genitals.  


Our Long Distance Toys are a Must Try

Love from long distances will now reach heights as we bring the app control vibrator. Under this section, we unlock some amazing models. These are nothing but mini bullet vibrators that connect two users through Bluetooth and smartphone app.

It doesn’t matter where your partner is because this app-based vibrator will bridge the gap between two thirst souls with their tickling vibrations.


Top Cities in India where Pleasurestore Impacted Well

Pleasurestore today has gained its name throughout India. But here are three such cities where our online sex toys store in Lucknow made a magnificent difference. Have a look:



After we started in Lucknow, it was Pune where we witnessed signs of prosperity. We came across users of various age groups here which resulted in the demand of a variety of online sex toys in Pune. Among the female products, we found the asking rate for glass dildos was the highest. Apart from this, pussy pumps and rabbit vibrators were also in huge demand.

We even came across many newlyweds who asked for strap-on and anal vibrators while shopping at our online sex toys store in Pune. Moreover, the demand for spider sower masturbators was quite noteworthy for men.



There are indeed no words for toy lovers in Delhi. The demand came showering for products like cock rings, silicone love dolls and vibrating massagers among our online sex toys in Delhi. Here we delivered orders to more of college guys and girls. Also, there were users in the thirties and a good number of couples as well.

We were also quite happy to know about successful bed stories from people using our products. Lubricants and delay sprays were also among the attention grabbing products at our online sex toys store in Delhi.



Pleasurestore is happy to add Noida in the list of demanding cities. Here we got requests for penis enlargement machines and cock rings among the male sex toys in Noida. The male stroker was also popular as per our online sex toys store in Noida. With the help of these adult toys, men have achieved satisfaction and also an urge to live a happy sex life.

Noida is also one of the most happening cities in India where the queries for sex products usually stay higher always. Men, women and couples – all have raised their concerns for bringing improvements in their sex life.

Hence, you can see how Pleasurestore has contributed well towards introducing sex toys in the life of one and all. Some have been able to recover their sexual abilities while some have made it possible to win the confidence of their partners. We have also got new products and fresh arrivals that would bring more opportunities to people in making their sex life more beautiful and better. Now, keep all confusions away and indulge into shopping for adult toys in Lucknow from anywhere in India.