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If you have been looking for something that can clean up your sex toys with perfection, this Universal Toy Cleaner is for you. Being medically-tested, it is made of effective yet safe ingredients that will remove all toxins from the toy you are using. Once cleaned, the accessory or gadget in use will be completely free of all sorts of contaminants, keeping your private parts miles away from infections. 

The application process is very easy. The cleaner needs to be sprayed exactly on its desired surface area. Thereafter, start rinsing it with warm water and then take a paper towel cloth to eliminate moisture. While cleaning, make sure that you have removed the batteries off the toy you will be using. Also, keep the power of the gadget off prior to applying the cleaner on it.

Packed in a nice purple coloured bottle, it comes with 100ml capacity. This toy cleaner can clean up toys made of rubber, silicone and latex.


Product: Universal Toy Cleaner

Category: Sex Toy Cleaner

Function: Cleans sex toys thoroughly and leaves no contaminants, making it safe to use

Capacity: 100ml

Colour: Purple pack

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Breast Trigger Double Enlargement Pump

Breast Pump Enlarge With Twin Cups, Twin Flanged Cups For Superior Suction

New Design Fot Breast Enlargement

Let Your Breast Balance

Electric Air Pump Machine

Sold As Adult Novelty Only

Item No.:BI-014091-5
Color: color21.jpg
Add Time:2011.10.06


breast enlargement pump

Size: 118mm

Length: 110mm


This breast enlargement pump uses the UHF negative pressure pulse breast enhancement technology (this technology has been used for the medical profession for damaged organs growth, including new body growth after surgical resection).

The fat cells in the breast will rapidly dividing and growth after the 7200/second high-frequency oscillatory wave.

At the same time because of the role of negative pressure, so that the growthed breast fat cells will fill the gap caused due to the negative pressure, so that the breasts upright. And it can help the suppression and prevention of breast cancer.

Let your breasts together to make your breasts bigger tilt . Breast enlargement Breast Breast is a new concept , according to the principle of female physiology , the use of vacuum physiotherapy methods for increasing the chest muscles , promote blood circulation and direct reflex movement to stimulate the pituitary gland to balance the ovaries to produce estrogen, to make direct breast cavernous expanded so flat, tiny breasts become full upright in the short term . Is medically recognized as the most effective and safe physical reflection principle Breast . Nipple breast center , but also the entire breast blood circulation regulating center, but is peripheral nerve center of the entire breast , the product through a variety of stimuli, head of nipple will produce the effect , from the inside to stimulate your nipples , stimulate a chain reaction , let him stimulate your body every cell . So that the breast receive comprehensive physical massage , continue to penetrate the lymph, so that the breast sponge increases blood flow to accelerate , transported to the tissue between the breast regeneration function is activated so as to achieve lasting full upright effect. Meanwhile stir your passions, and deeply moved by your feelings, meet your sex.
Dimensions shown below. An installation.
Medical Polymer non-toxic materials
1, prior to wipe cup .
2 , by the way areola perimeter began to rotate after 2 minutes using breast massage device .
3, the breast is cast breasts .
4 , adjust the vacuum device to make breasts swollen feeling.
5 , every day use .
This product is for personal use , pay attention to cleaning before and after use and effective area clean ; using the right amount of lubricant , the better ; recommended with condom use ; had heart disease, high blood pressure, local skin injury, caution ; minors declined use this product.



Medical Polymer non-toxic materials, ABS PVC TPR.

How To Use

1. Properly install the battery (this product using three batteries).

2. Scrubbed and disinfected this product with 75% of medical alcohol before use, and apply some lubricants. 

3. Start switch

4. Turn off the switch.


This product is for personal use, pay attention to the cleaning and effective parts clean before and after use; using the right amount of lubricant, the better; caution use for people who have heart disease, high blood pressure or skin partial injury; minors declined to use this product.

Keywords:  Breast Enlargement Pump


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The Female Masturbation Penis Underwear is simply an erotic undergarment wearing which women will be able to masturbate. Made of silicone, it is extremely safe and comfortable to use. In comparison to other materials, silicone makes it easier to wear for long hours.

A quick look at some of its features:

- Silicone body
- Black in colour
- Size ranges from 8 to 12 inches
- Comfortable to wear
- Soft to touch
- Vibrator enabled

Frequently Answered Questions:

Why buy Female Masturbation Penis Underwear?

Female Masturbation Penis Underwear comes equipped with a vibrator that gives it a powerful effect. This helps to generate orgasm for women in no time. It is powered by 2 AA batteries that provide sufficient charge to keep it active for long hours.

How to wear Female Masturbation Penis Underwear?

One has to wear it inside her underwear where the device will vibrate and therefore stimulate the genitals to generate orgasm.

Who can wear Female Masturbation Penis Underwear?

As the name says, Female Masturbation Penis Underwear can be worn only by women who are willing to feel orgasmic without letting anyone know about it.


Now stay absolutely safe from falling prey to skin infections with this anti-bacterial Adult Toy Cleaner. Comprising skin-friendly cleansing agents, it is a water-based cleaner that is very easy to apply. It is medically approved and therefore assures to keep your skin free of infections. After you have used a toy, just make sure to clean it well with this cleansing agent. While doing so, make sure that the batteries are off and there is no power activated in the product.

The Adult Toy Cleaner is very easy to apply as one just needs to spray it right on its desired surface area. Once done, rinse it well with warm water and then take a paper towel cloth for removing moisture.

Packed in an attractive blue bottle, it comes with 100ml capacity. This toy cleaner can clean up toys made of rubber, silicone and latex.

Product: Adult Toy Cleaner

Category: Sex Toy Cleaner

Function: Cleans sex toys thoroughly and leaves no contaminants, making it safe to use

Capacity: 100ml

Colour: Blue pack

₹1,979.10Regular price-10%₹2,199.00Price

Nipple Clamp Vibrator

Feature:   Nipple clamps/Vibrating Bullet Nipple/Labia clamp Stimulate

Spec  :

a. Small nipples clip length 5.5 cm (2pcs)
b. Vibrating eggs (2pcs) 5 cm in diameter (at thickest) 2.5 cm
c. Cable length is about 80 cm (2pcs)
d. Controller 9 cm, width 3 cm, 2 cm thick

Battery :  2-AA batteries

Using a nipple clamp is the best way to add new sensations and have a different sexual experience whether you are a married couple who wish to spice up their sex lives or those who pursue an alternative lifestyle and take pleasure when it comes to feeling pain. Although it is mostly attached to the nipple of men or women, a nipple clamp can also be used to experience erotic pain on other parts of the body including the clitoris.

It’s a sex toy usually used for BDSM activities like tit torture where sexual gratification is achieved by inflicting pain on the breast, nipples and areola. BDSM enthusiasts enjoy the pain it gives to their body, but for those wanting to try using a nipple clamp to create their own intense sex scene with their partner may have to consider some tips or guidelines to make sure everything would be pleasurable and enjoyable.

 Before anything else, it is a must to know what the types of nipple clamp are so that you would know what would be the right for you. This is important as some nipple clamps may not be suitable for first timers or that the tension from the sex toy may be too painful. To start off, the cheapest and most commonly used nipple clamp would be the Alligator clamp. It has small clamps which are used more by those with small breasts. It is also considered very painful to use because it does not have any latex or rubber on the tip.

Tweezer clamps looks very much like, well, tweezers. It appeals to many women because of its delicate and aesthetically pleasing look and unlike the alligator clamp, the tips contain latex and rubber. It also has a distinguishing feature in a form of a special screw that is found in the middle of the nipple clamp that allows increasing and decreasing the tension being felt. Also known as butterfly clamps, clover clamps are also called Japanese clamps since they are regularly featured at Japanese style BDSM porn films. Its tensions cannot be adjusted, though, which means that pain would be felt once the clamps are attached to the breasts. This type of nipple clamp is advisable for those who really want to feel intense pain.

        Once you have decided what type of nipple clamp to use, you need to make the nipples hardened or straightened up by sucking, licking, pinching or biting softly. Once the nipples become straight or pointed enough, apply the nipple clamp slowly and gently. This important especially if this would be the first time for both you and your partner. As soon as you attach the nipple clamp to the breast, listen to your partners reaction. If she yells or shouts out of pain, remove the clamps immediately. If your partner groans and asks for more, then that is a sign that your partner enjoys it.

        You can experiment several techniques and styles that would tickle your partner’s sensations. You could try teasing your partner by kissing several parts of the body. You can use your lips, tongue and hand while exploring your partner’s outer regions. It would be important to note that to make this very sensual, just take your time and avoid any sudden movements.

        In case you may want to check your partner’s maximum pain tolerance, simply increase the tension very slowly. If your partner feels pain, make sure to return it back to the pressure she is accustomed to. Remember, clamping the breast of your partner would be similar to the times when you are pinching her nipples or biting them so always take precaution.**


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When it comes to vibrating the genitals, what you will need is a Fun vibrator. Therefore, with a Bud Head Boy Fun Vibrator, you will just love shaking your private parts as it brings on a vibrator. For being made of TPR (Thermoplastic Elastomers), it is very soft and so easy to clean. As it is red in colour, it looks good and can be counted among the trendy sex toys for women. Bud Head Boy Fun Vibrator has a fantastic length of 6-inches. What makes the Bud Head Boy Fun Vibrator different is its built-in vibrator that makes it score high on effectiveness. A couple of AAA batteries are required to power up this gadget.

Product: Bud Head Boy Fun Vibrator FV-001

Material: TPR

Colour: Red

Size 6-inches long

Battery: Two AAA batteries

this product available on Kolkata Delhi Mumbai

₹4,049.10Regular price-10%₹4,499.00Price

Vibrating Nipple Sucker

Product Description:-

Chest Pump, 7-speed vibe, ABS with PU coat 
 Battery: 3AAA sold excluded
Ultimate 7-Speed Vibrating Nipple Pumps
Turn up the heat in your erotic nipple play with these fantastic nipple pumps. They include great hand squeeze pumps for easy attachment to the nipples and powerful vibrations to rock your world! Flick your way through the 7-speed vibration, escalation and pulsation settings for some highly satisfying nipple fun. Suction and stimulation combined - Awesome! .
100mm L, 50mm Dia
₹7,199.10Regular price-10%₹7,999.00Price