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Sex Real Doll

A sex real doll, as the name suggests, is a sex doll that aims at making men enjoy multiple erotic activities. What makes these dolls popular among all is their realistic features. The way they look, feel, sit, stand, and lie is similar to a girl of flesh and blood. It means they come with all the body parts, genitals, and naturalistic skin, that make them human.


At Pleasurestore, the sex real dolls available are unique in variety. Different dolls come in various poses. One who comes to buy sex real dolls at Pleasurestore will find sex dolls sitting with legs folded and spread apart, lying with their buttock and vagina, and another model comes with two dolls together into one.

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Item specifics

Weight: 16kg

Type: sex doll

Feature Type: Realistic Vaginas 

Size: 77*40*24cm

Color: Fresh





Buy Online Sex Toys in Delhi Mumbai Visakhapatnam

₹90,000.00Regular price-10%₹100,000.00Price
  • If you had always wanted someone to lie down with you on bed 24 x 7, this Sleep With Me Dual sex doll will surely leave you contented. With a soft, squeezable body made of high-quality silicone, this dual sex doll is ideal for all men who are restless to meet their bodily pleasures. One doll comes attached with another that marks the most unique aspect. Moreover, what makes this doll look realistic is that it comes with a woman’s private parts, acutely shaped, which are flexible enough to penetrate and stroke in as well.

    The structure of the doll is quite seductive that will let men stay high on their libido and fire them up to make love with real passion. It is 5 feet tall and can be easily washed every time before and after use.

    Product: Double Decker 4 Wholes Real Sex Doll

    Category: Sex Doll

    Material: Silicone

    Colour: Skin

    Height: 5 feet

    Function: Designed to satisfy men on bed with realistic human structure and private parts

₹90,000.00Regular price-10%₹100,000.00Price


The Best Ways to Install a Sex Real Doll after Unpacking

Surprising but true that many men keen to get naughty with a sex real doll do not know how to use them properly. It’s not that you get them, spread their legs, and start stroking. Usually, once you receive the doll, you get restless to open it. You start checking whether everything is okay and proceed to get her ready.

In this process, you need to know about the best ways to use a sex real doll so that there is no disappointment and distress:


➡️  Unpack the item and ensure Genuineness

The sex doll from our online sex toys store will come in a secure box. Open it carefully and inspect it with care. Bring it out from the package and try to find out the weight. It should not be more than 15 kg and less than 7 kg. Remember, this sex doll is like a human figure. Since the manufacturers give it a realistic touch, they add weight. Hence, do not worry if you find that you are not able to move it singlehandedly. Apart from checking these, be sure that she has not undergone damage in transportation.


➡️  Clean your hands before touching her

There is a high chance that your skin might cause stains on her skin. Remember, sustaining health and hygiene is important while dealing with a sex real doll. Although she is a doll, she is equivalent to your partner for life. Imagine the amount you have spent to make her a part of your life. So, you have no choice but to stay hygienic with her. Wash your hands with soap and wipe off with a dry towel. No wet hands or sweaty palms would be good for handling the sex doll.


➡️  Check the Torso or the Upper Body Part

The torso of the sex real doll refers to her body’s upper section. It includes the head, chest, and stomach. Now, this section is on Thermoplastic Elastomer and Polyvinyl Chloride. You need to ensure there is no damage, dent, or crack. If you find so, call up the store and request for exchange. However, if it is good to go, pick up the head and attach it to the torso. Also, if you find the hair has been provided separately, place it on the head and do the attachment.


➡️  Start cleaning the Doll Thoroughly

There might be greases left on the doll after you unpack it. Well, it’s normal. Take it to your washroom for cleaning. Add a few drops of liquid soap to a tub of water and smear the doll inside the soapy solution. Keep it inside the solution for about an hour. The oil won’t go off the body easily. But if you can clean it thoroughly once a week, it will not take much time to get cleaner. Try to add fragrant-based liquid soap so that it smells good after cleaning. A good shower will also aid in the cleaning process.


➡️  Dry clean the doll with the help of some powder

After a good shower, it’s time to dry her up. You will never want a wet body to tease and squeeze. The wisest thing would be to get body powder and spread it all over the body. Experts say that baby powder suits best on a sex doll. As baby powders are the safest to react, it would be good to pull out the dirt from the doll’s body. After there is powder all over the body, get a damp cloth and wipe off the powder. Repeat the process by applying powder again.


Two Things to Remember after Using the Sex Real Doll

Believe it or not, this is a crucial phase when your mind is full of happy thoughts and a heap of satisfaction. But this does not mean you will put her aside and think of yourself. Instead, you need to take good care of her in the same manner as a real-life partner.


So, here are two things to keep in mind:


➡️ Clean up her vagina

There is everything in that secret hole, and men love to explore it like anything. When he inserts his penis, he will find nothing harmful inside. Therefore, he needs to clean up the vaginal hole with water and soap. Many users prefer bathroom floor cleaners comprising powerful germ-killing ingredients. However, do not make the blunder to use any acid or aggressive cleaning agent on the body. The cleaner the vagina, the safer the sex!


➡️ Ensure the vaginal walls are not Wet

Give time for the vaginal walls to dry. Otherwise, there might be infections on penetration. Experts recommend using silica rods. These rods enter the vagina and clean up residues with perfection. The reason for using the silica rods is the vaginal walls might take much time to dry up. So, the sooner you dry it up, the sooner you can take it to play.


Preparing the Sex Real Doll for Penetrative Sex

If you think sex real dolls have non-functional vaginas, you are wrong. These dolls come with lifelike vaginas that give men a realistic feel. Just think why these dolls are so expensive. It’s because their body parts and genitals are so realistically made that men feel the same they feel with their partners in real life.

So, when you get her, fix your position and hers. Once you both are ready, start the action and enjoy till you jerk off. As you will stroke, you will never get hurt. The makers assure safety to the internal sections of the vagina and make it look smooth for penetration. As these genitals are mostly silicone, there won’t be any harm to the male penis. Don’t forget to apply lube, or otherwise, there won’t be fun stroking a dry vagina.


Customizing the Sex Real Doll is Fun

If you are serious about living with a sex real doll, she can help you have fun every night. She looks like those hot women ready to give you a heavenly experience in bed. Now, if you buy such a doll for a lifetime, you can take your own sweet time and customize it and then. It would bring her in new look every time, and you will not feel monotonous.

A piece of lingerie with laces or hot pants will add a new look to her. There are G-strings and body stockings that would also make her look sexier. You can even work on her hair by combing it in style. It would be better to wash her hair and soften it with a mild spray. Start combing from the bottom and do it gently. Once you dress her up and make her look like a real girl, you can reciprocate and have fun.


Safety Measures with a Sex Real Doll

A sex real doll is safe to play with. As these are of toxic-free materials like silicone, PVC, and TPE, the male genitals have zero chance of getting an infection. Despite this, there are several safety measures one should keep in mind while dealing with a sex real doll:


  • Beware of her delicate skin

The sex real doll has such delicate skin that it has to be kept at moderate temperatures. According to experts, these dolls come with such sensitive skin that they can suffer heavy damage by coming into contact with fire or sharp objects. So, keep her away from these things to avoid causing damage to her body parts. Remember, some men try to force these dolls to hold weird objects with sharp edges. If this happens, she might end up with scratches.


  • Keep the doll away from easy-to-contaminate things

Several things are easy to contaminate. For instance, ink can cause heavy stains, and you cannot easily remove it from the body. So, by any means, do not bring these objects close to the doll; otherwise, it might affect her look and body.


  • Be Careful when Changing Her Posture

When you are in a fit of passion and kinkiest of moods, you tend to ignore your vigilance and give her an aggressive treatment. But this won’t work well with a sex real doll. Every joint counts because these help her bend their hands, knees, and legs. So, if you put too much pressure on these joints, they might break. While changing the posture, do it slowly and gently so there is no damage.

  • Be careful while shifting it from one place to another

Although it is a doll, you cannot treat it like one. Instead, if you can treat it like a real girl, it won’t cost you much. The best way is to hug her tight and lift her with care. Move slowly in this posture and shift her to another room. Some make the blunder to hold the head and drag. It causes the doll to dismantle and break off.  

  • Keep changing the wig from time to time

It is better if you can keep changing the doll’s wig from time to time. There are wigs available in different colors also. So, changing a wig every month will be good enough. It would be eye-catching, and your doll would come with a new look every time. Also, it would eliminate boredom and help you keep your bond.


  • Don’t mess with water while cleaning dolls with Batteries

There are sex dolls with batteries that demand careful cleaning. If there are circuits present in the doll, try not to bring water into contact. Remove the batteries and wash them well. Otherwise, there might be severe damage in its operations.


  • Use the Doll yourself and don’t give Others

The sex doll is a personalized sex toy. Hence, only one person at a time. Despite this, if it has multiple users, there would be a high chance of getting the sexually transmitted disease. The way you clean up the toy might not be the same as the other individual to whom you are giving it. It can pose a real threat to one’s sex life.


Use the doll with positivity and keep your health up

A sex doll brings changes in a man’s sex life, mentally and psychologically. Despite this, some men cross limits in using them day and night. Although it’s okay to use a sex doll, keeping the usage frequency within limits would keep up the user’s spirit. Excessive use of sex dolls can dispirit his intentions. So, play in limits with her, and she would be a true companion.



Sex Real Doll - Questions and answers